Hello pretty world

A life out of a suitcase is the one I’ve chosen for myself. I feel trapped unless there is a plane ticket in my hand.

I don’t care for guidebooks and must sees. I inhale the streets, that’s where the magic happens. I love public laundries. The smell of a coffee accompanied by a dense smog makes me feel alive.

The burning sun and humidity. Subways. Street food festivals… total snow days for a grocery-holic like myself. I feed homeless cats. I’m a soup girl, always on a soup search for the best seafood bisque like my life depends on it. I talk to strangers on every occasion- I’m very annoying. I rarely party as hangovers don’t go well with my jog-in-the-morning-and-pick-up-peaches-on-the-way-back routine. I photograph random objects. And I keep the loved ones in my heart at all times. 

Welcome to my travels.  Few words, bunch of photographs. No to-do- lists.


Just go, feel for yourself, inhale the place and exhale your own memories. Don’t let little things like facts get in the way of your instincts.

Let’s go to Portugal. The land of colors with a melancholic feel to it. 

(Also known as the place where I didn’t find what I was looking for.)

Yours truly,



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