Aside from myself, there was no sign of me (there)

I don’t date. Ever.

If my happiness is delusional, then let me never waken!

(The opening statement calls for a smiley face. So that no one thinks this is a sad story. Thanks, The Aneta! )


-A Date-

Halfway over dinner, halfway through a bottle of wine you happen to realize you were tryingtrying to fill the emptiness with meaningless social activity. An opportunity that’s seized…for all the wrong reasons.

He asked you out saying:

– “I want to be with someone” also known as “I have nothing to do on lazy Sunday mornings”
(Who would like to be with just whatever-someone?)

– “It’s time to settle down” also known as  “I’m not getting any younger”
(Lucky me, I showed up just in time!)

– “And I also quite like you have tits, too”
(This one is obviously a great catch, hang in there girl!)


Not- dating is about cshifting the default setting from unnecessary rush, fear and desperation. You can easily win that girlfriend job, if that’s who you really want to be. But do you? Being coupled is not an achievement. Not being coupled is not a failure. Don’t look for happiness from others. I say, find what you chase for within yourself first!

I guess I could try and be a proper girlfriend material, smooth out my  rough edges, work on my beliefs, my clothes and my cuticles… Um, no :-)

I’d rather stick to:

-The Click-

Happens in a blink of an eye. It doesn’t need to develop into any societally-imposed structure or to be defined. The click makes you abandon a superficial list of worthless achievements in favor of developing a real connection with a messy human being that excites you, stimulates you, challenges you. And then he does it again. 

I’m wondering if the clicks of my life will anytime realize they’re the ones I’m referring to. The total number is four. Any takers? :-)


I’m sorry, beautiful Stockholm. We don’t click. 


The when of it.


The where of it.


The who of it.

(Excuse the bitch face- it’s chronic and doesn’t serve as mood indicator :-)


But why, oh why? They say I am to party wild on my birthday!

stockholm (2)

I had a beer in your honour, Rabbit. I thought I was going to die. (Two beers can kill a boring person).


I know, Sir, I know.

stockholm skansen

  Everyone wins in the Rabbit Olympics!

stockholm sweden

I happen to love everything happening on your pavements, Sweden.

stockholm skansen

stockholm skansen (2)

Now that we hang out with a real Foka we’re a lot cooler.

stockholm sweden

stockholm sweden


The I – love-  me-  some-  show- off  lion.


The I- thought- I- had- it- all- figured- out lion.


The everyone- loves- a- playdate lions.

stockholm sweden

Some strongly opinionated window.

stockholm wild party. stockholm wild party

When we party, we party hard!

stockholm sweden. stockholm sweden

 A journey-grandma. 

semla stockholm

Semla, with love.


 Should you find yourself accidently agreeing to A Date, there are certain rules to be followed: commit to two layers of baggy sweaters minimum and order a cabbage dish. This should do the job! (And if it doesn’t- you may be the victiom of, rarely found in nature, The Click At Second Sight. Now, you’re in serious trouble).


 Yours truly,




 (*The time spent with your click is not dating :-)


10 thoughts on “Aside from myself, there was no sign of me (there)

  1. Pierwszy raz dostałam to na maila:):):) Super już sobie dodałam do ulubionych:):):):) Buziaczki mój pyszny kapkejku!!!!!! W dniu 2014-04-02 13:53:20 użytkownik Mostly Ahhhs napisał: Banana posted: ” I don’t date. Ever. If my happiness is delusional, then let me never waken! :-) (The opening statement calls for a smiley face. So that noone will think this is a sad story. Thanks, The Aneta! :-)   -A Date- Halfway over dinner, halfway throu”

  2. My dearest friend, thank you for this :)
    I have always admired the way you care about so many things while naturally ignoring whatever you do not feel feels like yourself. You taught me there are more roads in life to chose from, not only the one we are raised to believe is right. Plus, you make me laugh so hard, please marry me.
    I love you!

  3. This is great! :) :) :)
    I want to share it with all the women out there, I love it so much. You had me thinking and cracking up at the same time. “And I quite like you have tits,too”- this one is gold! I love every single photo the humour is so you I wanted to cry out of love :-)
    And I love Banana on a fake date in the last picture. Baggy sweaters that’s where it’s at!


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