She Smelled the Sausage, She Got Excited

As one of the five basic tastes, UMAMI rounds out culinary experiences making them fuller and rich with flavors. It’s umami that lets your tongue’s imagination run wild. It’s that sensuous umami factor that will Kung Fu a slice of tomato into tasting extra attractive.

Now, out of the kitchen we are…

 Appreciation is the ‘umami’ to my getaways.

Be thankful, even when your eyelashes get rained on. When in Vienna.

SONY DSCYou got it right, Miss Chanel. Nothing better than a deer.

SONY DSCThe Brain & The Tongue

SONY DSCThere’s a thin line between phone- checking and contemplating in the rain :-)

SONY DSCNo need to show off, apples. I like you better with your make up off.

SONY DSCDesperately Seeking Sausage

SONY DSCDespicable Her

vienna subwayUnderground’s Best

SONY DSCHere’s tho the weird and the wonderful! Mr. Freud’s couch…

SONY DSC… And his block.

SONY DSCRing Sigmund’s bell she did.

SONY DSCThree bowls of umami, please.

SONY DSCLet-It-Deer.

SONY DSC‘ Take a photo of that lovely lonely branch ‘. Here.



SONY DSCO brother, where Vienna thou?


SONY DSCYours truly,



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