Kiss me twice, I am schizophrenic… Kiss me ten times, I am obsessive

Hello, lover… It’s time to go public.

And where do I even begin? I will never be happy with what I tell you here. It’s either a cliché or not passionate enough. I don’t know which one’s worse. An addiction, a disease, a fascination, an absurdity, a fate?

I wanted this to be perfect and here I am, at loss for the right words, even though in my heart I feel like exclamation pointing.

‘New Yorkers are born all over the world,

and then they come to NY and it hits them:

Oh, that’s who I am’

I’ve never been one for sugarcoating things- my very soul demands New York. The city understands me, it justifies my irrational behaviors.

My New York wears I love Banana t- shirt.

Breakfasts at Le Pain Quotidien. Not a crush, it’s an addiction. These are never not in my thoughts.

breakfast La Pain

The Fire Hydrants Series, starring my Little Sister. Her NY thing.

fire hydrant new york

Walking with a dog gives me a sense of affinity. Although it doesn’t make much sense when said out loud. Especially when the dog isn’t mine… Thank you, C.&M.!

dog and the city

I pay tributes to bagels. A toasted cream cheese and salmon bagel is a basic human right!

tribute to bagel

There is always some kind of filming going on. If I had had superpowers to follow simple directions given by Tim The Movie Guy (the exact words being ‘do not move’ ), I would have been an extra in the movie. Anyone seen The Dark Knight Rises and me in it? Let me know =)

movie making new york

In fall, I tend to go pumpkin crazy. Four cups of a pumpkin spice latte a day, what do you call it? Yeah, a very unhealthy obsession.

latte new york

Street food festivals with peach festivals being the bestest of the best. The Peach Festival. Need I say more?

peach festval

Art is everywhere. It’s unpretentious and oftentimes you don’t even realize it’s happening. For free, for all eyes to see. 

new york arts

Donuts & laundry making. I have a thing for public laundries. If I’m not careful this may turn into yet another obsessive- compulsive love. 

donuts&loundry making

Hale & Hearty soups, the lobster bisque in particular… I like you lots, polka dots…

hale and hearty soups bryant park

The city lights. You feel me..? 

NYC lights Rockefeller Centre

I get too excited while waiting for Ricky Martin to arrive on Broadway. And end up looking like this. (Plus he never shows up).

nails on broadway

Saturday brunch. Damn you, eggs benedict!

 saturday brunch new york

Chuck Bass. You cannot blame a girl for trying.

xo xo gossip girl

The Guggenheim Museum. Sometimes I don’t get art …

museums new york

… Other times I do.

art new york

The Brooklyn Bridge. Oh. And Jay-Z is from Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge

… When in doubt, lemonade it.

lemonade brooklyn new york

Yours truly,




8 thoughts on “Kiss me twice, I am schizophrenic… Kiss me ten times, I am obsessive

  1. It’s hard to talk about LOVE (passion) and u did great BaNaNa… I absolutely adore ur plum nail color in the pic! Happy to see u being so passionate about writing and bogging! <3 waiting for more…


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