Do o’clock

It’s scientifically proven that in the first few moments when you wake up and your conscious mind hasn’t kicked in, you have moments of clarity. I get the oddest thoughts and most remarkable ideas during these times.

I believe these moments to be the windows to our true selves.  You may not realize it, one second and it’s gone.

The life we dream to live, 

our ultimate Ahhhs.

People desire the freedom to be themselves, but the fear of disapproval drives them to compromise their individuality. In a sense, there’s nothing wrong with adjusting to social structures. But…

Do we want those things or are we just programmed?

 I woke up one day knowing that easy would no longer suffice. I’ve always wanted all things ridiculous and inconvenient.  I seem to be missing that Everyone-Likes-It-And-Does-It gene…  High school proms, fruit yogurts, weddings, New Year’s Eve, they all make me wanna scream bloody murder. Oh, but that’s who I am. And that’s okay.

What if you followed your inner voice, if you didn’t agree to melt into the crowd?  If you unmasked and embraced your otherness?

Someone smart once said: It’s never too late to be who you might have been. So do what you love and do it often. If you don’t like something, change it. Start creating. 

There is a light of freedom hidden under this security blanket!

Yours truly,



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