Eat, pray, fill up jars

Some ideas sneak up on you like they were just meant to be. Don’t they always?

A year ago today, two women walked into a craft shop and bought way too much glitter.

Material presents don’t really mean much to me. The ‘What present do you want’ question is a serious offense against the gift- giving art. Gifts from the heart can be scary as they reveal how much you know- or don’t about a person. Treat me to a home- cooked meal, not a diamond ring. 

The greatest gift you can give to others is your time and love so unless you plan to place a present bow on top of your head, you may consider putting your heart where your hands are.

Snow globes. When I got to know how to make them, I freaked out with excitement. I thought about a friend and bang! … The Tim Burton- Inspired Glitter Globe, The Dancer Wannabe Globe, The NYC Lover Globe. Cute meets creepy? Why not. They don’t have to be Christmassy or girly or wintery or blah.


You’ll gonna need a jar with a lid, some distilled water, a liquid glycerin and a strong glue. Ornaments, figurines, faux snow/glitter- anything you wanna put in that jar.   

– Glue your figurine right on the bottom of the jar or to the lid bearing in mind that when all done the globe will stand upside down. Let it dry completely.

– Fill the jar almost to the top with a distilled water and pour a dash of glycerin into it for this snow falling effect. Now get your glitter on. Oh. No need to stay classy! 

– Take the lid and seal the jar. Tighten the lid as much as you can so there’s no water leaking out from the globe. Turn the jar over, shake it over and let the glitter snow. 


At some point you’ll realize the unlimited jar filling possibilities. Jam jars, pickle jars, baby- food… Remember, nothing good happens after 2 am. When the clock strikes 2, just go to bed.


Jars of Hearts


3 thoughts on “Eat, pray, fill up jars

  1. And sometimes, you come across and empty mason jar at a yard sale, it looks old so you check out the markings on the bottle- the seemingly innocent numbers tell a story of pre-prohibition and bootleging and you discover, that empty jar is worth $100 but to me it’s priceless. True Story.


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