Big girls melt butter

If I was to choose my infinity wear, I’d be a butter cookie. Butter makes my heart grow fonder!

Whenever I want to make someone comfort- food- happy, I pull out this Gordon Bloody Ramsay inspired, buttery bad boy. If my feelings had a taste, they would be banana cheesecake flavored. 

You’ll see it’s not an actual strict- rules- recipe. The ingredients are brilliant in their simplicity. I put some numbers below just to give you a general idea on the combination that works for me. If you want to change something, do so! Life’s complicated enough, don’t multi task with your taste buds.


Gabriela’s Favorite Banana Cheesecake calls for:

butter & butter cookies (150g), cream cheese (300g), mascarpone cheese(250g), double cream (150ml), bananas (3), eggs (2), sugar. 


Crush the cookies.  Mix the crumbs with butter until well combined. Now listen to me carefully… Add as much butter as you dream to. You are aiming for an obnoxious butterness here!

– Press the mixture into the base of a loose bottomed cake tin. Be firm yet gentle- you are dealing with a  pure heaven here.

– Bake the crust (180C) until nicely brown. It only needs a few minutes in the oven.  

– In a bowl, mix cream cheese, mascarpone cheese and double cream together. The mixture should be more gooey than fluffy. If you like your cheesecake smooth, use a food processor. I like it a little ugly, a fork will do. 

– Sprinkle some sugar over the sliced bananas. Mash them with a fork. Mix it with the white ingredients. 

– If you like the texture of your cheesecake denser, add two eggs. One egg is enough if you prefer it gooey.

– Bake the cheesecake for 50 mins (150C) or until its center is set.  

– Cool, then chill it for at least 5 hrs.  It needs time to firm up and harden. If you’re a superhero, allow it to sleep in a fridge for a day.  

Eat with the people you love. And if one of them is named Gabriela,

oh, that’s just fabulous.

Banana Cheesecake

Yours truly,




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