Merry Thanking Ville

Thinking back to a time when I was a little girl, I remember how special the Christmas celebrations felt to me. The years went by and the authenticity of the traditions I grew up with got lost in the meantime. As soon as November arrives, the commercial craziness begins. Shame on you, shopping malls… You have eaten Christmas!

The extensive, undercover and life-risking search for the realness has brought me to Thanksgiving. I hope friends across the ocean won’t mind me borrowing  the idea… it is great and simple!

Just take a minute to be thankful and realize how good you’ve got it. 

So I thank the blue sea, the deep red sun, my people and everything!

Anything that makes you pause and think for a moment is worth doing. Make new traditions if you have to! Regardless of religious beliefs and your country code, feel free to be inspired. This may bring you face to face with the value of people as opposed to things. It often happens half way over dinner, half way through a bottle of wine…

…and eat we did =) A mushroom- hazelnut stuffed chicken. Some baked tomatoes, carrots and apples. An over-salted caramel pie (a saltshaker in a saltaholic’s hand makes for a dangerous weapon).  Mashed potatoes and green peas. No photos of the chicken been taken, I felt sorry for the poor bird. He served us well.

Life is what we make of it. I don’t want to conform to a rigid commercial stereotype of piles of expensive gifts and a little too extreme house cleaning. If a common approach doesn’t apply to you, take a break. Being authentic is everything.  

Shaking the old methods is like eating popcorn with cheese and caramel.

It seems bad, but it feels good. So. Good.

Happy thanking everyone!


Yours truly,



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