My heart belongs to Daddy

There are no second chances here, so choose wisely! The very first blog post. Ohh- so- scary? No. 

A tribute to my Daddy

 Life has a way of throwing me curve balls, but it was my father who taught me to value myself and believe in the power of my dreams. I never had the ‘ This is what you must do and this is what you cannot’ speech from my dad. 

Having been given all the freedom in the world to act stupidly, surprisingly to some, I’ve never yet considered a possibility of taking advantage of my dad’s trust in me. I cannot think of one time when I lied. Friends don’t do that to one another.

He is that guy on the block everyone likes, values and respects. Charming and funny, but not in a slipping -on-a banana-peel funny way. He brings me milk chocolate bars (five at a time, because he likes me), we play scrabble ( our close- to- gambling experience), we go mushroom picking and it never fails to amaze me how much he knows about just everything…anything!

I am confident to say no man I ever came across was my Dad’s equal… Sorry fellas =)

Yours truly,



2 thoughts on “My heart belongs to Daddy

  1. Well, you’ve chosen wisely and you’ve made my day :) Thank you.
    Enter into the contest they have no chance of winning…? Those are things only the brave can do.


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